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Master your breath. Heal your life.

Rebirthing Breathwork: The way to a healthier and more powerful you.

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In our experience of many years and scientific fields,
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Are you stressed or blocked? Does this happen a lot? Why allow yourself to feel less than happy? Life’s treasures are for you to take, but you have to make the first step ― even without leaving your house.

We are all very happy to assist you personally and privately, whenever you decide. Our session can be in person or via internet connection. Check out our bios and ask for whoever of us feels more appealing to you. We guarantee you will feel cleansed, joyful and calm!

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“In Samothraki you experience the orgasm of existence, using breathing as an instrument of Consciousness. It’s the initiation of the soul to the apogean freedom. It’s the epitome of harmonious resonance with life’s heartbeat.”

~ Penelope Goulandris, participant

Take a quick look at Rebirthing Breathwork!

Check out this video to understand what Rebirthing Breathwork is and how it can amplify your life energy and heal your physical and emotional traumas. It is also a sneak peek on the beauty of the experience you can have attending our Courses in Samothraki!

Start breathing and living.

Even if you don't feel quite ready to change your life yet, stay with us. Keep the momentum going. When the time comes, you'll know where to turn to.

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