BALM Level 4: Teachers Training

BALM Teachers Training LEVEL 4  


9 x 2 day modules PLUS repeating Balm 1 (lectures only)

• For those who are seriously committed to their personal development and willing to go all the way to PERMANENT BLISS.
• For those who are humble enough to know that they are everything and nothing.
• For those who are willing to throw all away to go all the way.
• For those who want to lead in Truth, Simplicity and Love.
• For those who would like to be an active part of the GBA team and its development.
• For those who would like to create and teach their own trainings apart from GBA.
• For those who want to EXCEL in Rebirthing Breathwork, Breath Mastery and Mind Mastery.
• For those who are dedicated to spreading the work.

Module 1:

• 48 hours of Visions Quest and Spiritual Purification with the Elements.
• Silence, Separation, Solitude, Fasting, Working with the Elements.
• Written documentation of activities, thoughts, visions during this Vision Quest
• Optional individual or rebirthing Breathwork session exchange
• Creating a vision board which you can add to throughout your training

Module 2:
Teacher: Ciara Longman

• Acknowledging your dark/ shadow side
• What’s still edging you out of total liberty and surrender to total bliss?
• Going deeper and deeper in your process
• Rebirthing session exchange
• 24 hour “dark room” experience (day 2) Students can do this in their own home, staying in a dark room for a whole day meditating without any distractions.

Module 3:
Teacher: Katia Boustani

• Deepening Physical Immortality Consciousness - Breaking the Death Habit
• Rebirthing and healing disease, youthing and longevity practices
• Understanding the processes of Module 1 and 2 and why they are essential to maintaining a healthy state of mind.
• More about each element - meanings, metaphysical significance and implications
• Exercises to heighten your intuition and psychic abilities through SPE
• Rebirthing sessions

Module 4:
Teacher: Ciara Longman

• Using energy techniques to scan your clients
• In depth study of Chakras and how they relate to ailments
• Processing techniques – Etheric Plane Communication
• Rebirthing sessions

Module 5:
Teacher: Federica Ferro

• Prosperity Consciousness - Spiritual Marketing Concepts and Mindset
• Understanding Manifestation – Alignment with passion and purpose
• Overcoming career challenges and practical clientele building
• Leadership Level 2
• Creating successful seminars
• Rebirthing Sessions

Module 6:
Teacher: Katia Boustani

• Advanced Rebirthing Breathwork Techniques
• Mirror, Water, Dry, Open Eye, Babies, Children and Teenagers, Nature Breathing
• Understanding Breath Inspections
• Rebirthing Sessions

Module 7:
Teachers: Ciara Longman, Sifis Pagkalinis

• Creating enlightened relationships (Sifis Pagkalinis)
• Advanced Processing/ Mentoring Rebirthing Style (Ciara Longman)
• Rebirthing sessions

Module 8:
Teachers: Sifis Pagkalinis, Georgi Mottram

• Sustainable Practices – Walking the talk (Sifis Pagkalinis)
• Public Speaking and expression through voice – (Georgi Mottram)
• Rebirthing sessions

Module 9:
Teachers: Ciara Longman, Katia Boustani

• Organizing a successful seminar – Step by step instructions
• Creating a healthy community
• Leadership level 2
• Student Presentations
• Rebirthing sessions

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Main Speaker

Katia Boustani