Become a Teacher (Level III Training)

Become a Teacher (Level III Training)

Do you feel a calling to teach others to become Rebirthing/ Breathwork Professionals? Would you like to work with Global Breathing Awareness to spread the work and the Love of Rebirthing Breathwork?

Would you like to be a true Master in your field? With your own community and following?

Learn how to organize a successful Training

Teach/ Assist/ Create a community of Breathworkers and enlightened people around you

Easily manifest clients and participants for your seminars

Coordinate trainings and learn the ins and outs of everything you’d need to know about making your training successful

To be eligible for this training you must have completed Level One and Two as well as having put at least 70 people through 10 sessions.

Whoever completes this successfully will be able to teach under the umbrella of Global Breathing Awareness OR create their own training and teach independently of Global Breathing Awareness.

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