Breath & Life Mastery Training Samothraki August - September 2022

         Breath & Life Mastery Training

This intensive Breathwork Training is guaranteed to change your life. Each module will include Rebirthing Sessions and Creative Exercises to take you deep within yourself and discover your most profound Truths. You will also be taught ways and given tools to overcome and discover the negative decisions/ thought patterns you made at each age and be empowered to change them and create the life of your dreams.

                         BALM ~ The documentary


                                      A UnknownVisuals.Co film in association with Global Breathing Awareness

                                      Edited, produced and directed by Kevin Birkle.

                                      Camera Operator: Kevin Birkle, David Palmen. Drone shots: Nils Hammmann.


                                       A UnknownVisuals.Co film in association with Global Breathing Awareness

                                                                Edited, produced and directed by Kevin Birkle.



                                                                              PEOPLE WROTE ABOUT US

"It’s been 10 days now since we finished the Breath and Life Mastery seminar.
Woow what a Journey
Hard to put into words what cannot be described by the mind.
Still processing what happened these 3 weeks.
I love Rebirthing.
I love this Island.
I’m breathing with my chest now, my Heart has opened up again.
I feel it. It’s like smiling all the way from the belly. Blessed to feel truly happy.
Didn’t know how locked my breathing was to my belly, and how much it affected me.
When the breath is flowing free, our emotions can flow free.
When we suppress our emotions, we contract and lock our breathing mechanism into certain patterns that will lock our mind and emotions into the corresponding patterns of feeling and thought.
When we breathe freely we take in more of life, we experience the whole spectrum of it. We vibrate on a much larger scale.
Spiritual traditions have known and used this for ages.
I learned mindfulness meditation 10 years ago, I learned to control my mind and emotion to some degree, I became quite good at it after a while.
Breathing slow and deep through the nose with awareness can definitely be a tool of mental and emotional control.
But control can really suck hard.
There is a lack of trust there.
Rebirthing or Conscious Connected Breathing is a whole other level of breathing. Really.
Here I learned that to trust my breath, is to trust life, is to trust myself.
I love waking up with Nature as my living room. Walking out of my tent 20m straight into the sea.
Sitting with the fire at night, watching stars falling from the sky.
Its wild here.
Waterfalls, forests, goats and chilled people around every corner. It’s amazing, I will spend my summer here. Bring a tent and come visit me, I will offer Body & Breathwork sessions.
In late August, Global Breathing Awareness will hold another Breath & Life mastery Seminar, Rebirthing Breathwork Certificate training.
I will be here and assist with the training, come and join us.
It will change your life, guaranteed."
Bless you.
Mattias Forssblad, June 2019

     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"The expeience was much more than I expected. I now understand more about myself. I had major breakthroughs and "aha" moments. I feel different, more open, more loving. I can feel the change but cannot yet define it but I feel it is for the best and will keep you posted when I see the new projections I feel are coming. Thank you both, Katia and Sifis, for this amazing experience."
Corinna, June 2019

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Thank you @globalbreathingawareness for existing. It was no coincidence that my path unfolded this way. I have never felt so many emotions, transformational shifts, inspiration and gratitude in the three weeks we shared (individually and as a tribe) than in my whole 23 years. Being a part/family of GBA has altered the course of my life in a way that I choose to hold responsibility. It was the most transformational 3 weeks of my life - we all laugh, cry, smile and share intimate moments with each other, and open up, moments I will never forget and take it forever in my heart. To me, Rebirthing itself, is the next big thing. The island hold some magic energy and we were lucky to be initiated by the local goats and priestesses of the island."
Danielle Fisser, June 2019

       ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‍Module 1:

26 August - 27 August 2022 (9 am. - 4 pm.)

- What is Rebirthing Breathwork and Breath Mastery?

- The Science of Changing your Mind – Working with Affirmative Thinking.

- Personal Lie and Eternal Law – Discover the deepest negative thought you believe about yourself which simultaneously continuously sabotages your life on all levels.

- The 15 Biggies - How did we end up in this state?

- History of Rebirthing Breathwork

Module 2:

28 August - 29 August 2022 (9 am. - 4 pm.)

- Conscious Conception

- Conscious Pregnancy

- Conscious Birth

- Access prenatal States of Consciousness

- Discover your own Birth scenario / script

- Learn about what decisions you made relating to the core thoughts and cellular imprint from this life stage.

1st Spiritual Purification Day:

30 August 2022

Day of Silence, Fasting and Practice with the Elements

Module 3:

31 August - 1 September 2022 (9 am. - 4 pm.)

- Infancy – 0 to 9 months

- Toddlerhood – 9 months to 3 years

- Discover the core of your addictive patterns and find the balance between holding on and letting go…

Module 4:

2 - 3 September 2022 (9 am. - 4 pm.)

- Inner Pre – Schooler - 3 to 7 Years old

- Inner child – 7 to 11 years old

- Parental Disapproval Syndrome

- School Trauma

- Religious Trauma

2nd Spiritual Purification Day: 

4 September 2022

Day of Silence, Fasting and Practice With The Elements

Module 5:

5 - 6 September 2022 (9 am. - 4 pm.)

- Inner Teenager – 11 to 18 years old

- Make peace with your Inner Teenager

- Completing an energy cycle

- Breath Training

- Subtleties of the Breath and their meanings

Module 6:

7 - 8 September 2022 (9 am. - 4 pm.)

- Becoming a Healthy Adult

- Forgiveness

- Bringing the pieces of the puzzle together

- Dealing with your negative emotions such as anger/fear/doubt

- Open Eye Rebirthing Sessions

- Mirror Work

Module 7:

9 - 10 September 2022

2 days of Silence, Fasting and Practice with the Elements

- Physical Immortality and Spiritual Purification with the Elements

- Overcoming the Death Urge

- Learn to use the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Love)

- Access Spiritual States and Spiritual Enlightenment.

- Using the Fire as a tool for Deep Meditation and Spiritual Purification

Module 8:

11 - 12 September 2022 (9 am. - 4 pm.)

- Prosperity Consciousness

- Creating the life that you want

- Overcoming limiting thoughts and patterns that sabotage your prosperity

Module 9:

13 - 14 September 2022 (9 am. - 4 pm.)

- Leadership Training

- Becoming your God Self

- Connecting to Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Creativity and Infinite Manifestation.

- Sharing and farewells

* The Training comes with a Certification from Rebirthing International and Global Breathing Awareness to apply Rebirthing Breathwork and other Breath Awareness Techniques as a healing modality for yourself and others.

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