Colombia Breath Life Transformation Program ~ November 2022

Breath Life Transformation (Colombia, 25 November - 4 December 2022)

• Radical Self Development Training based on Breath and Mind Mastery, Emotional Responsibility and restructuring of old paradigms to Bliss.

• Teachings handed down by Katia Boustani, one of only 6 Global Rebirthing Breathwork Masters recognized by Grand Master Leonard Orr (originator and founding father of the Breathwork movement in the West) and in direct lineage of his work.
• Co Trainers: Sifis Pagkalinis
• 90+ hours  BLT Certification of Attendance.

• Radical changes in mindset, behavior and feelings about life.
• Deep healing of past traumas – Liberation of “stuck” energy around these.
• Physical development of Breathing Mechanism/ Enhancing the Breathing Mechanism
• Ability to Breathe from the Breath itself
• Understanding and experiencing energy moving in you and others.
• Spiritual Awakening
• Solid initiation into Mind Mastery – understanding the structure of the mind and how to view things differently.
• Initiation into Longevity consciousness and Spiritual Purification with the Elements.


"The experience was much more than I expected. I now understand more about myself. I had major breakthroughs and "aha" moments. I feel different, more open, more loving. I can feel the change but cannot yet define it but I feel it is for the best and will keep you posted when I see the new projections I feel are coming. Thank you both, Katia and Sifis, for this amazing experience."
Corinna, June 2019

"Thank you @globalbreathingawareness for existing. It was no coincidence that my path unfolded this way. I have never felt so many emotions, transformational shifts, inspiration and gratitude in the three weeks we shared (individually and as a tribe) than in my whole life. Being a part/family of GBA has altered the course of my life in a way that I choose to hold responsibility. It was the most transformational time of my life - we all laugh, cry, smile and share intimate moments with each other, and open up, moments I will never forget and take it forever in my heart. To me, Rebirth Breath Therapy itself, is the next big thing.”
Danielle Fisser, June 2019

Breath Life Transformation (Colombia, 25 November- 4 December, 2022)

Training Schedule

25 November – 4 December 2022  (09.00 am. – 17.00 pm.)

*Everyday will begin with conscious breathing exercises to open up your breathing capacity and end with RBT breathing sessions (approximately 2 hours breathing/day)

Day 1:
• Introductions – Why are you here?
• What is Rebirth Breath Therapy/ Conscious connected breathing?
• What is Breath and Life Mastery?  
• The Mechanics of Manifestation.
• Personal Lie and Eternal Law – Discover the deepest negative thought you believe about yourself which simultaneously and continuously sabotages your life on all levels
• Sessions

Day 2:
• Conscious Conception
• Parallel Lives – Where did you come from?
• What is your life purpose?
•      Pregnancy and Birth Trauma - Limbic Imprinting

• Discover your own Birth scenario / script.
• Learn about what decisions you made relating to the core thoughts and your cellular imprint from this life stage
• Sessions

Day 3:
• The importance of Core Material
• Infancy – 0 to 9 months with meditation
• Discover the core of your addictive patterns
• Co-dependency in relationships
• Toddlerhood – 9 to 18 months: Finding the balance between holding on and letting go
• 18 months – 3 Years: Ego development
• Toddlerhood Meditation
• Physical / sexual abuse
• Co-dependency versus Counter-dependency
• Sessions

Day 4:

• Family Dynamics
• Who are you playing/acting out?
• Meditation/ Exercises
• Parental Disapproval Syndrome

• Breath Inspections

Day 5:
• Spiritual Purification with the Elements, free day, Silence, Fasting, Bathing Consciously, Using the Fire and Earth Elements.
• Integration of what you’ve learned.

Day 6:
• School Trauma
• Religious Trauma
• Introduction to Longevity Consciousness Versus Survival Consciousness
• Spiritual Purification Q & A
• Sessions

Day 7:

• Making peace with your Inner Teenager
• Rebelliousness Versus Apathy
• Inner Teenager Meditation
• Forgiveness
• Sessions

Day 8:
Becoming a Healthy Adult ~ Part 1

• 12 Rules for Personal Transformation
• Understanding and Healing Negative Emotions - The Road to Emotional Responsibility

• Creating Conscious Relationships (Katia & Sifis)

• Harmonizing Feminine/ Masculine within.

• Open eye sessions

Day 9:
Becoming a Healthy Adult ~ Part 2

• Prosperity Consciousness/Success Mindset – process/intervention – Where are you at?

Day 10:

• Final Questions/Answers/Sharing/Process

• Love Saturation Exercise

• Sessions

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Main Speaker

Katia Boustani