Cyprus Breath Life Trasformation Program ~ April 2022

Breath Life Transformation (Cyprus, 9 - 17 April 2022)

• Radical Self Development Training based on Breath and Mind Mastery, Emotional Responsibility and restructuring of old paradigms to Bliss.

• Teachings handed down by Katia Boustani, one of only 6 Global Rebirthing Breathwork Masters recognized by Grand Master Leonard Orr (originator and founding father of the Breathwork movement in the West) and in direct lineage of his work.
• Co Trainers: Sifis Pagkalinis
• 90+ hours  BLT Certification of Attendance.

• Radical changes in mindset, behavior and feelings about life.
• Deep healing of past traumas – Liberation of “stuck” energy around these.
• Physical development of Breathing Mechanism/ Enhancing the Breathing Mechanism
• Ability to Breathe from the Breath itself
• Understanding and experiencing energy moving in you and others.
• Spiritual Awakening
• Solid initiation into Mind Mastery – understanding the structure of the mind and how to view things differently.
• Initiation into Longevity consciousness and Spiritual Purification with the Elements.


"The experience was much more than I expected. I now understand more about myself. I had major breakthroughs and "aha" moments. I feel different, more open, more loving. I can feel the change but cannot yet define it but I feel it is for the best and will keep you posted when I see the new projections I feel are coming. Thank you both, Katia and Sifis, for this amazing experience."
Corinna, June 2019

"Thank you @globalbreathingawareness for existing. It was no coincidence that my path unfolded this way. I have never felt so many emotions, transformational shifts, inspiration and gratitude in the three weeks we shared (individually and as a tribe) than in my whole life. Being a part/family of GBA has altered the course of my life in a way that I choose to hold responsibility. It was the most transformational time of my life - we all laugh, cry, smile and share intimate moments with each other, and open up, moments I will never forget and take it forever in my heart. To me, Rebirth Breath Therapy itself, is the next big thing.”
Danielle Fisser, June 2019

Breath Life Transformation (Cyprus, 9 - 17 April, 2022)

Training Schedule

9 – 17 April 2022  (09.00 am. – 17.00 pm.)

*Everyday will begin with conscious breathing exercises to open up your breathing capacity and end with RBT breathing sessions (approximately 2 hours breathing/day)

Day 1:
• Introductions – Why are you here?
• What is Rebirth Breath Therapy/ Conscious connected breathing?
• What is Breath and Life Mastery?  
• The Mechanics of Manifestation.
• Personal Lie and Eternal Law – Discover the deepest negative thought you believe about yourself which simultaneously and continuously sabotages your life on all levels
• Sessions

Day 2:
• Conscious Conception
• Parallel Lives – Where did you come from?
• What is your life purpose?
•      Pregnancy and Birth Trauma - Limbic Imprinting

• Discover your own Birth scenario / script.
• Learn about what decisions you made relating to the core thoughts and your cellular imprint from this life stage
• Sessions

Day 3:
• The importance of Core Material
• Infancy – 0 to 9 months with meditation
• Discover the core of your addictive patterns
• Co-dependency in relationships
• Toddlerhood – 9 to 18 months: Finding the balance between holding on and letting go
• 18 months – 3 Years: Ego development
• Toddlerhood Meditation
• Physical / sexual abuse
• Co-dependency versus Counter-dependency
• Sessions

Day 4:

• Family Dynamics
• Who are you playing/acting out?
• Meditation/ Exercises
• Parental Disapproval Syndrome

• Breath Inspections

Day 5:
• Spiritual Purification with the Elements, free day, Silence, Fasting, Bathing Consciously, Using the Fire and Earth Elements.
• Integration of what you’ve learned.

Day 6:
• School Trauma
• Religious Trauma
• Introduction to Longevity Consciousness Versus Survival Consciousness
• Spiritual Purification Q & A
• Sessions

Day 7:

• Making peace with your Inner Teenager
• Rebelliousness Versus Apathy
• Inner Teenager Meditation
• Forgiveness
• Sessions

Day 8:
Becoming a Healthy Adult

• 12 Rules for Personal Transformation
• Understanding and Healing Negative Emotions - The Road to Emotional Responsibility

• Creating Conscious Relationships (Katia & Sifis)

• Harmonizing Feminine/ Masculine within.

• Open eye sessions

Day 9:

• Prosperity Consciousness/Success Mindset – process/intervention – Where are you at?

• Final Questions/Answers/Sharing/Process

• Love Saturation Exercise

• Sessions

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Main Speaker

Katia Boustani