Go Deeper - Rise Higher (Level II Training)

Breath Mastery & Life Mastery Professionals Training - Level 2

Lead by Katia Boustani with the assistance of Joseph Pagkalinis, Dr B. Love, Maria Kavrologaki and Federica Ferro (Organizer).

This 6-months Seminar Is designed for all Breathwork Professionals and Trainees that are committed to achieving a Mastery Level of Education for their personal and professional development.

By signing up for this Training you will:

- Deepen Your Knowledge on Rebirthing Breathwork and Spiritual Psychology

- Deepen Your Understanding of Life, Relationships, Health, Energy, Physical Immortality and Spiritual Purification

- Learn How to Better Support Your Clients, Increase Income for Your Practice and Create a Better Relationship With Money and Business

- Learn How to Align Your Actions With Your Soul’s Deepest Desires and Become a Powerful Leader to the Service of Your Community.

Module 1-2:

16-19 March 2018 (4 days), London


This seminar will be taught by Katia Boustani and Joseph Pagkalinis and is going to be OPEN TO PUBLIC.

Venue: Etna Centre, London

Time schedule 

Friday 16/3: 17:00-21:00

Saturday 17/3: 10:00 -18:00

Sunday 18/3: 10:00 -18:00

Monday 19/3: 17:00-21:00

- Building enlightened relationships

- How deep can you go? Shedding light on and profoundly understanding your patterns in relationships - with family, friends and lovers.

- How high can you rise? Creating new patterns to build healthy, enlightened, immortal relationships…

- Breathing and Sex – an Introduction to Tantra – Breaking through the barrier to mind-blowing Spiritual and Sexual connection…

Module 3-4:

27-30 April 2018 (4 days), London


This seminar will be taught by Dr B. Love (Ben Mather) and Katia Boustani and is going to be OPEN ONLY TO BREATHWORK AND HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS (i.e. Yoga teachers).

Venue: Etna Centre, London

Time schedule 

Friday 27/4: 17:00-21:00

Saturday 28/4 and Sunday 29/4: 10:00 -18:00

Monday 30/4: 17:00-21:00

- Understanding what happens to the body and it’s mechanisms during breathwork sessions.

- Working with Health care professionals.

- Healing disease through the Mind and the Breath

- Deepening knowledge about the Breathing Modality as a Healing Structure.

Module 5:

5-6 May 2018 (2 days), London


This seminar will be taught by Maria Kavrologaki and Katia Boustani and is going to be OPEN TO PUBLIC.

Venue: Etna Centre, London

Time schedule: 10:00 -18:00

- Understanding and working with the energy body.

- How does our energy body look before and after a breathing session?

- How to heal the energy body during Breathwork sessions

- Exercises to heighten your intuition and “see” the energy body.

Module 6-7, 8-9:

11-19 August 2018 (4+4 days), Valsesia, Italy


This seminar will be taught by Federica Ferro, Dr B. Love (Ben Mather), Joseph Pagkalinis and Katia Boustani and is going to be OPEN TO PUBLIC.

Location: Valsesia, Italy

Time schedule: 10:00 -18:00

Module 6-7

- Going deeper into Prosperity Consciousness and Leadership, unlocking your “story” and becoming a “pro”.

- Becoming a successful “Creative” –unlocking creativity and dicovering your unique way of operating

- Learn practical ways to build up, mantain and support your clientele and increase your success as a professional.

- Learning how to use breathwork and mind mastery to integrate your ideas into your vision and create your own perfect lifestyle.

- Becoming a powerful Leader to the service of the comunity

This seminar is full of Metaphysical and Psychological exercises as well as PRACTICAL information on how to apply models and structures in your business to watch it expand and grow.

Module 8-9

- Physical Immortality & Spiritual Purification with the Elements. Understand and use the elements as a tool to manifest your desires. Become one with the elements and become comfortable with harnessing their power.

- The Science of Physical Immortality.

- Making Physical Immortality your reality.

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