BALM Level 3 - Internship: Deepen your knowledge of BALM, become an advanced practitioner.

• Assist in an Online or Live Training, being fully present to any assistance required by you throughout the training.
• Pre – requisites are to have completed BALM Level 1 and Level 2 and to have put 2 people through 10 sessions.
• See how trainings are run and facilitated as an “insider”.
• Repeat all of the lectures, meditations and practice while facilitating sessions and being a “mentor” for your assigned trainees.
• Documenting/Evaluating student session notes and giving regular feedback to your mentor.
• Learn basics on how to run/ facilitate a seminar.
• Work with a team of Advanced Rebirthers while being mentored on moving forward in your process.
• Simultaneously break through any residue limitations and relationship issues by completing a cycle of 10 sessions with a man and 10 sessions with a woman.


• More confidence in mentoring, facilitating sessions and running seminars.
• Classified as an “advanced” practitioner on GBA website.
• Ability to commence BALM Teachers Training
• Deeper knowledge about self, others and life.
• For those who are serious about becoming successful professionals.

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Main Speaker

Katia Boustani