Love Unlimited - The Ultimate Relationships Seminar
With Katia Boustani and Sifis A.K. Pagkalinis
Going Deeper – Rising Higher

In this seminar you will learn to:
1. Understand and heal past patterns.
2. Overcome co-dependency and counter-dependency patterns.
3. Improve your self-confidence.
4. Love and appreciate yourself and your body.
5. Become physically present in your body –
6. Become a man/woman magnet - attract your ideal partner.
7. Connect Body Movement and the Breath – Obtain tools to eventually experience a Full Body Orgasm.
8. Master your Erection and Sexual Drive.
9. Respect you and your partners sexual timings.
10. Spiritually Connect with your partner.
11. Cook Erotic Food.
12. Use non-violent communication and keep the passion alive in your relationship.

Seminar Program

Day 1
Mind Mastery and Emotional Responsibility
• Understanding the mind and the Law of Attraction.
• Understanding your self-sabotaging patterns.
• Raising your self-confidence.

Day 2
Healing Past Patterns
• Dealing with the Mother wound.
• What is counter and what is co-dependency?
• Overcoming fear of intimacy.

Day 3
Healing Cultural and Ancestral Pain and Stigma
• Dealing with the Father wound.
• Ancestral and patriarchal patterns.
• Embracing the rise of feminine attributes.
• Erotic dance meditation.

Day 4
• Self-massage – reconnecting with your body
• Who is the person in the Mirror? Mirror meditation.
• Dealing with break-ups - forgiveness.
• Attracting the perfect partner - becoming a love magnet!

Day 5
The Love Element and Sexual Drive - Connecting the dots..
• What is the Opposite sex embrace?
• Setting healthy boundaries.
• Tuning the inner flute.
• Dealing with sexual deficiencies.
• Building up sexual energy.

Day 6
Pleasing your partner
• Unconditional Love and Humility
• Erotic worship techniques.
• Being in a guilt and shame-free mode.
• Erotic food party

Day 7
Enlightened Relationships
• Practicing non-violent communication.
• Being single (or staying authentic) in a relationship.
• Building up spiritual connection.
• Keeping the fire burning.

We hope you give this opportunity to yourself to Go deeper and Rise higher in Love!!

In Love, Truth and Simplicity,

Katia Boustani and Sifis A.K. Pagkalinis

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