RBI Global Rebirthing Convention and 9-day Spiritual Purification Training 2018

RBI Global Rebirthing Convention and 9-day Spiritual Purification Training 2018

Two-in-one celebration of life!

Tribute to Leonard Orr – Enlightened Master, Founder of Rebirthing Breathwork and Father of Conscious Connected Breathing (Breathwork) in the West.

With Breathmasters: Heike Strombach, Irene Bauman, Katia Boustani and Salvadore Cardenes

Special guest star appearances by Leonard Orr

Other guest speakers: Ori Halevi, Katka Ciskova

The Rebirthers Convention for Europe, Middle East and the Whole World is open to all Breathworkers, Rebirthers and students of Rebirthing, Enlightenment and Healing from everywhere around the Globe.

• Celebrate Life and experience Joy with the Rebirthing Breathwork Community.

• Pay Tribute and be in the presence of Enlightened Master, Leonard Orr.

• Train with the Best international Rebirthing Breathwork Masters and Trainers.

• 2 in 1 mega offer at the mega healing center/ sacred island of Samothraki, Greece (Rebirthers Convention PLUS 9 day Spiritual Purification Training)

• Experience fellowship, unity and support of the RBI Breathwork community.

• Learn about Breath Mastery from the Masters themselves.

• Learn how to double your income and become financially successful as a Rebirther.

• Accumulate Training experience - for ONE Year Seminar leaders and organizers.

• Opportunity to practice Spiritual Purification with the Elements in one of the most beautiful Energetic Healing Centers on Earth, Samothraki, Greece

• Opportunity for Warm water Rebirthing in the Therapuetic natural hot springs of Samothraki and cold water rebirthing in the fresh waters of the sea or waterfalls.

• Unified brainstorming and participation in creating a beautiful and prosperous future for RBI in each country. WE WELCOME NEW REPRESENTATIVES FOR RBI.


We will begin on Saturday 15 September for both convention members and the 9-day training group coming together with a welcome, singing and introduction. The afternoon is dedicated to the exchange of Rebirthing sessions.

Sunday will be a vision quest, spending the day with a fire on the beach.

The Convention program and our meetings and topics for the following days will be decided upon by the participants on Monday; while the 9 day Spiritual Purification training continues in its known format, which has proven a worldwide success. If you have a topic you would like to present please let us know!

There will always be an exchange of sessions and panel discussion about the quality of Rebirthing in your country and the organization of RBI. Thursday we will again practice what we teach and is possibly another day for a vision quest.

The two groups will merge again on Friday.

And of course there will be time for satsang with Leonard! This event will be a tribute to Leonard Orr, who is dedicating his life to the joy of Immortal Life and its eternal pleasures.

We are excited to welcome you and celebrate LIFE together!


This training will be led by Rebirthing Breathmasters: Katia Boustani, Irene Jove and Heike Strombach with special presentations by Katka Cizkova,& Ori Halevi

Special Guest: Grand Master, Leonard Orr


• Daily spiritual purification practices with earth, air, water, fire and love.

• High quality individual Rebirthing Breathwork sessions.

• A mini “vision quest” Clearing of the emotional mind – identifying and transforming our limiting core beliefs.

• The 8 Biggies of Human Trauma & the 8 Biggies of spiritual purification.

• Body mastery, Nutrition & fasting.

• Training in prosperity consciousness, professional success, becoming self-employed – how to build a full clientele in 30 days.

• Spiritual psychology and the manifestation process

• Wisdom from the Eastern Yogic Scriptures and Western Scriptures

• And more according to the needs and goals of the participants.

Trainings are led by RBI trainers. 

It starts early morning and includes evening seminars. 

Trainings are full time residential trainings.

The two groups will merge on Friday

Registration with the master Rebirthers: Katia Boustani, Irene Baumann Jove, Heike Strombach or Rebirth International or your organizer for your country.

Tuition paid to Rebirth international, USA

We are excited to welcome you and celebrate LIFE together!

Please contact pagalios@gmail.com for accommodation options.

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