Relax in Nature Challenge

"Relax in Nature" is one of the best ways to train in living at one with wild nature.

Eight days of profoundly improving your intelligence on all levels!

It is a heart and mind-reboot experience which teaches you to relax deeply into nature.

It is designed to re-ignite the prehistoric cellular memories of human connection with Earth

and to joyously re-live this ancient and sacred relationship.

Every day the participants' will experience interactive learning through different techniques, materials

and practices designed to stimulate and improve their sensory perception, physical fitness as well as emotional and intellectual intelligence.

Relax in Nature Challenge is a holistic experience of the individual living in union with universal consciousness.

In the forest, all levels of your intelligence interact in a dynamic form of constant change.        


The goal of this seminar is to give attendants tools to:

• create the fundaments for inner trust and improve self-confidence
• wake up, exercise and develop all levels of intelligence
• heal past traumas, overcome fears and live joyfully in nature
• observe and process thoughts and emotions
• obtain awareness about the true self
• reconnect with the body and be more perceptive
• release emotional drama
• learn about the power and benefits of the breath and the elements
• raise consciousness and physical vibration
• accept the inner opposite sex.
• adapt a daily routine of spiritual purification.
• master the mind
• regulate emotional triggers
• experience unity consciousness

Self Mastery Time Table:

Day 1

Raising your Awareness

Dealing with Technology

No-biling (healthy relationship with the mobile)

Day 2

Elements of Nature

Earth element

Reconnection with my body

Day 3

Air element

Reconnection with my breath

Day 4

Water element

Healing Water Triangle

Reconnection with my feelings

Day 5

Fire element

Mastering the fire inside

Day 6

Spiritual Purification with the Elements

Silence, fasting

Ascension of the spirit

Body preparation for a Rebirthing session

Day 7

Aether Energy element

High quality Rebirthing session

Building up Life Urge inside me

Day 8

Love element

Connecting the pieces

Inner opposite sex embrace

Wake up, Build up and Express Sexual Energy

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