U.S./Europe Online Breath and Life Mastery Training Autumn 2021

Level 1 and Level 2 : Radical Personal Development Training - Become a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner

• Certified and Internationally Acknowledged Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner Training
• Radical Self Development Training based on Breath and Mind Mastery, Emotional Responsibility and restructuring of old paradigms to Bliss.
• Teachings handed down by Katia Boustani, one of only 6 Global Rebirthing Breathwork Masters recognized by Grand Master Leonard Orr (originator and founding father of the Breathwork movement in the West) and in direct lineage of his work.
• Co – founded, organized, overseen and facilitated by Ciara Longman, Master Energy Healer, Breathwork Master, Environmental Scientist and founder of BreathTalks.

• Online – 400 + hours


• Radical changes in mindset, behavior and feelings about life.
• Deep healing of past traumas – Liberation of “stuck” energy around these.
• Physical development of Breathing Mechanism/ Breaking the Breathing Mechanism
• Ability to Breathe from the Breath itself
• Understanding and experiencing energy moving in you and others.
• Spiritual Awakening
• Solid initiation into Mind Mastery – understanding the structure of the mind and how to view things differently.
• Initiation into Physical Immortality consciousness and Spiritual Purification with the Elements.
• Ability to facilitate ONGOING MEANINGFUL Rebirthing Breathwork sessions.

*See below for flexible programs to suit your needs.


Module 1

Day 1:

What is Rebirthing Breathwork, Breath Mastery and Mind Mastery?

Completing an energy cycle during a Breathwork session.

*Physiology of the Breath

Spiritual Purification with the elements vol. 1

The Science of Changing your Mind – Working with Affirmative Thinking

Giving a Rebirthing Session

Supervised sessions + sharing

Day 2:

Personal Lie and Eternal Law – Discover the deepest negative thought you believe about yourself which simultaneously and continuously sabotages your life on all levels

The 15 Biggies - How did we end up in this state?

The History of Rebirthing Breathwork

Supervised Sessions


Module 2

Day 1

Conscious Conception with meditation – What is your life purpose?

Giving a Breathwork Session

Demonstration of whole session

Demonstration Q&A

Supervised Sessions

Day 2:

Past Lives

Conscious Pregnancy

Conscious Birth

Discover your own Birth scenario / script.

Learn about what decisions you made relating to the core thoughts and your cellular imprint from this life stage.



Module 3

Day 1:

Spiritual Purification Q&A

Infancy – 0 to 9 months with meditation

Discover the core of your addictive patterns

Co-dependency in relationships


Day 2:

Toddlerhood – 9 to 18 months: Finding the balance between holding on and letting go

18 months – 3 Years: Ego development

Toddlerhood Meditation

Physical / sexual abuse

Co-dependency versus Counter-dependency



Module 4

Day 1:

Inner Pre – Schooler: 3 to 5 Years old

Family Dynamics

Who are you playing?

Meditation/ Exercises

Parental Disapproval Syndrome


Day 2:

6 Years - Adolescence

School Trauma

Religious Trauma


Physical Immortality Consciousness Versus Survival Consciousness


1st Spiritual Purification Day

Day of Silence, Fasting and Practice with the Elements- 24 hours

2nd Spiritual Putification Day

Day of Silence, Fasting and Practice with the Elements- 24 hours

Module 5

Day 1:

Inner Teenager – 11 to 26 years old:

Making peace with your Inner Teenager

Rebelliousness Versus Apathy




Day 2:

Breath inspections                  

Subtleties of the Breath and their meaning

Whole session demonstration



Module 6

Day 1:

Becoming a Healthy Adult

Love is Letting Go of Fear (A.C.I.M) – 12 Rules for Personal Transformation

Understanding and Healing Negative Emotions


Day 2:

Love Saturation

Open Eye Rebirthing Sessions

Mirror Work

Cold and Warm Water Sessions


Module 7

Day 1:

Mini Vision Quest – 24 Hours

Physical Immortality and Spiritual Purification with the Elements

Overcoming the Death Urge

Learn to use the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Love)

Access Spiritual States and Spiritual Enlightenment

Using the Fire as a tool for Deep Meditation and Spiritual Purification

Day 2:

Prosperity Consciousness

Creating the life that you want

Overcoming limiting thoughts and patterns that sabotage your prosperity



Module 8

Day 1:

Physical & Emotional Pain as a Gift and Taking Responsibility

The Unconscious – Our Shadow, Projection, Mirroring

Chakra Scanning

Healing by the Stars


Day 2:

Becoming a successful professional

Code of Ethics

Technique Q&A


Module 9

Day 1:

Leadership Training

Becoming your God Self - Connecting to Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Energy and Infinite Manifestation

Enlightened Politics

Enlightened community


Day 2:

Questions & Answers    

Video presentations, how much have you understood?

Information on retreats




Mini Vision Quest


Training Packages:
*Flexible programs to suit your needs.
*We’ve made it easier for you to make breakthroughs.
*Ask us about payment plans to help you breathe into liberation.


Rebirther Certification On-line Training ~ For you who are ready to change your life and become a successful Breathwork facilitator – Heal deeply while you learn to give on-going meaningful sessions, coaching, seminars and classes. Your life will never be the same again after completing this training. Make Breathwork your primary field of expertise and have that life that you have always dreamed about! Breathwork is a tool you can take anywhere with you - creating money for yourself any time, wherever you are, whether by creating a local community or working on line, we will teach you the necessary steps to manifest your dreams.

400+ hours


* If our time zone is completely out of sync with you, it is still possible to view seminar recordings and be mentored with other trainees who are in your own time zone.


Trainers: Katia, Ciara

Assistants: Sifis and Alex

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Main Speaker

Katia Boustani