Zenith Breath and Des-Art Therapy

Come and explore your Breath, your Body, your Mind, your Emotions and your Connection with the Infinite through Rebirthing Breathwork and Art in the Dead Sea and Judean Desert.


Katia Boustani – Rebirthing Breathmaster, International Breathing And Life Mastery Coach, Spiritual Purification Coach

Yishai Simon – Art Rehabilitation, Specializing In Clay/ Ceramics (www.naiimpottery.com)

Sifis A.k. Pagkalinis – Breathing Coach, Body Mastery, Tantra Coach, Love/ Relationship Coach

Iris Nais – Body In Nature (www.irisnais.com)

What to expect from this seminar:

- Learn and take home new breathing tools for deep meditation, clarity, energy and relaxation.

- Learn about clay and basic sculpturing techniques and how to express your feelings through art and sculpture.

- Work with the 5 elements for manifestation through Breathwork and Art.

- Experience the desert and the Dead Sea with all of your senses.

- Explore your mind, your emotions and your connection with the Infinite through Breathwork and Art in the desert.

- Learn more about Enlightened relationships, Love and Sex.

- Learn to Love and accept yourself and your body under any circumstances.

- Explore your body in nature.

- Meet wonderful new people from all over the world who are dedicated to Aliveness, Love and Celebration of the Senses.

Day 1: - Earth/sky - Discover Your Spiritual Connection With Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Energy And Infinite Manestation, with Katia Boustani, Yishai Simon And Sifis Pagkalinis

Day 2: Water/ Earth - The Dead Sea/ Exploring Your Emotional World, with Katia Boustani, Yishai Simon And Sifis Pagkalinis

Day 3: Relationships And Sexuality Into Sculpture, with Sifis Pagkalinis, Katia Boustani And Yishai Simon

Day 4: Loving Your Body - Exploring Your Body In Nature, with Katia Boustani, Sifis Pagkalinis And Iris Nais

Day 5 (Optional): Site Seeing With Simon Yishai


Day 1 - 4: 440.00€ Tuition and Food only (Accommodation NOT included - please contact us for different categories of accommodation according to your budget)

Day 5 (optional): 110.00€ (All inclusive)

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