Finding love in the fever of Pandaemonia

How do you embody love? Aren’t these the way of editions and ancient wisdoms that are slowly starting to be heard again, with thanks to our current predicament? Isn’t this our innate being after all, that has been lost in the quagmire of forced disconnection and the embodiment of ‘human doing’, or at other visible extremes, human creatures?

Love doesn’t ‘need’ to be anything. It is. Mental masturbation and hysteria are easy to adopt in times of unknowing and uncertainty...searching and searching for a Truth that is yet unrevealed. A truth that cannot, and will not, be found by way of the analytical mind, though only through listening to the heart, and being guided here. A truth that lies only in the embodiment of simplicity and love. If this includes death, then it includes death. Simple. Words, as well as science, are by their origins, limited.

Though are communities ok with collectively adopting such ideas? No, mostly they’re afraid. This fear is a systemically adopted neuropathy, embedded and encouraged by the separatists, and which has been sculpted into our limbic, brain-stem and neuronal DNA. One that has been honoured and worshipped for keeping us ‘alive’, though with what quality and what purpose?

It may be possible that we are being given an opportunity to adopt a completely different protocol, as a result of this pandemic? A self-reflective faith system. An internal world rather than an external. The internal world that really requires healing first, in order to adjust and change the external. A reshaping and readjustment of the old limbic system of survival. We know that quantum physics and thought patterns can do this, though are the collective rituals and guidance being adopted in order to help us achieve this? Tools provided to the collective at this time in order to aid the embodiment of peace and love - the contact with source, the removal of conditioned layering imposed by current fear-driven socio-economic environments and mind manipulation?

This requires subtle action and trust. Action from spiritual facilitators, observed listeners, philosophers and educators of quality to ‘hold space’ (many of which ancients have already done and have continued to do so for millennia). Why does it seem that we can’t adopt the faith to utilise these resources available to us, which have been guiding us from the dawn of our existence? It is my belief that we are still addicted to suffering: giving our energy over to religion or the new religion of science to be our saviour. Wake up - we have all the power inside of us, stop giving it away! Utilising energy here, rather than expending yet more in anger to change societies externally founded upon deathist-religious ideals of suffering and fear (whom are addicted to fear and death), will allow the singing to a new hymn-sheet: the embodiment of a participation to real self-love and the expression of peace. This surely would be a far better energy expenditure?

Love and light are subtle, purer, energies that often resemble a mystery to the ‘go go/action/need/must’ causes. Fighting fire with fire no longer resonates. It mostly falls away and becomes apathy. Love is humility, humbleness and grace: the deeper understanding and knowledge required in order to simply ‘be’. We can master our minds and bodies, though most importantly, we have to master our relationship to death. This is the greatest predicament that the majority of our western societies are still ‘in avoidance’ with. Ultimately, this is the juxtaposition that we now must face. We know how to survive, though can we now thrive and transcend?

Our fear of death or ‘death-urge’ and victim consciousness (amongst other shadow consciousness) are being tested here. Showing our depth of resolve, humility and ability to reflect and transcend, regardless of buying into political or social apathy, anger and fight, or, at worse, ignorance. This is the key to our new humanity. A new humanity, finally transcending survivalist-fear based paradigms. We may have to die first though - are we prepared for that? Not really.

You can avoid death by concentrating on life (L.Orr). However, most really are disconnected from source and may arguably never experience real ‘presence’ and a ‘life-force’ or life-urge through no fault but there own. Most, fall-foul to the power of conditioning and choose death, mostly voluntarily. We seem to lack the belief of the teachings and guidance available to help us attain this, residing in the addictive gearing of our in-grained and imbedded neural system in suffering and the consistent stretches we take to avoid suffering by our short-lasting pleasurable external comfort zones.

Keeping an open-mindedness is key. I also believe it’s really important, in this process, that we provide an environmentally collective setting of trust and support to celebrate individual pain and suffering and support an individual’s pathway to healing from it, as facilitators. Each and everyone of us has the power to do this, though we don’t want to take responsibility for it. This is where, I believe, the energy needs to go now. Us owning our own personal sovereignty and supporting each other in unity to achieve these steps.

The shift has come. The knowledge that we seem to lack, already abundantly exists and presides and is now available to us and within us. What better time to adopt these practices and rituals and focus our energies here? Allowing our Mother Earth’s help to overcome the tyranny by default? A long-shot that requires belief and importantly, surrender and letting go.

‘If you feel a sense of social responsibility, first of all keep working on yourself. Being peaceful yourself, is the first steps towards you living in a peaceful universe’. Ram Dass.

Om namaha shivaya - the name keeps on expanding us.
In truth, simplicity and love.

Krishna Uma & Inner Totem

Written by

Dr Ben Mather