Love, Sex and Relationships

Hello everyone!

As a happy member of Global Breathing Awareness, the Institute for the teaching, spreading and promoting of Conscious Breathing all over the world, I have great news for you!

In less than a month, coming to London, is the most fun and exciting seminar about Love, Sex and Relationships! It is a tribute to the wisdom we have gathered through years of experience, study and research and we want to share it all with you!

I am happy to get to know you and guide you on building healthy and intimate relationships without losing yourself and your goals in life. Together, we will learn about Tantra and how to communicate with our self and with others.

Love and Bliss in Relationships is no longer difficult to find!

So, what is Tantra anyway and why should I know about it?

Tantra in Sanskrit language means “loom” because it is the physical and spiritual bonding of two individuals as One. It is based on the belief that sex is NOT just for making babies, but for pleasure and deep connection between two willing individuals.

Why is Tantra so popular in the West these past few years?

Because Tantra has to do with love, respect, embracing your partners' existence completely and surrendering each-others needs and desires without conditions. Because Patriarchy -originated from western civilization - has started to decline and we need a new perspective in which men and women are equal, especially when we talk about sexuality. In Tantric Sex equality is essential.

Breath is the ultimate tool for us to open ourselves up, to obtain clarity and be ready and present for inviting our soul mate in our life. Breath is the best physical 'viagra' you can get. A stimulus you can create wherever, whenever, by yourself.

In "Love, Sex and Relationships", Katia and I will have the joy of sharing with you all you need to know to have a new fun and effective way to build healthy, harmonious and prosperous relationships.

See you soon!



With Love,

Joseph (Sifis) A.K. Pagkalinis
Breathing Coach / Tantra teacher / Linguist

Written by

Sifis A.K. Pagkalinis