Greetings to all from sunny Athens!

Firstly, I’d like to announce that my new website is out! Thanks to Mata Marinidou and Two Yellow Feet for the excellent work!

I’m so excited about this website as I’m finally stepping up, with courage, to the next level of my dream; creating an educational institute, as well as a platform for Rebirthers and Breathworkers everywhere, to share their work and knowledge.

Rebirthing Breathwork, or Conscious Connected Breathing, for me has been the most healing and empowering tool I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing and working with. The power of it is in the student, who is learning, participating in and facilitating their own healing, through breath and mind mastery. The breathworker is just a teacher, sharing their knowledge with another human being, who is courageous enough and willing to take responsibility for their own healing….

The magic of the breath is that it’s YOURS, you’re the one who’s doing it!! This for me was the ultimate empowerment. I could trust myself and my own breath to show me the way to my own emotional healing and consequential self - development into the person I wanted to become; happy and at peace with myself.

globalbreathingawareness homepage

Global Breathing Awareness was born out of the desire to share my knowledge about my passion, the breath, with all people. The objective being personal understanding and empowerment through mind mastery and breath mastery – to BE the person you are… to BE the source of LOVE.

As the idea grew and so did my love for and experience with Rebirthing, I realized that what I really wanted was a kind of platform that my students and other professionals could work through, teaching about the breath and all its wonders and integrating with students and people from all over the world who wanted to learn more about their mind and their breath.

Thus Global Breathing Awareness, with baby steps, has grown from being just me to being a group of people who are equally as passionate about the breath as I am, all with their individual approaches but the same goal: Loving, empowering and educating people.

I welcome you to visit our new website and have a look at what we offer. Contact us and let us know what you think or what you’d like to see… We are super happy to hear from you, share with you and grow with you!



In Truth, Simplicity and Love!

Katia Boustani
Breath Master, International Rebirther/Breathworker

Written by

Katia Boustani